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13 April 2012

Project Updates

Pantry project still in motion: We’re searching for wire baskets, cheap ones. Not 40 dollar ones. I’m about to make one for cheaper if one doesn’t turn up!!!

Living room redo: Changed our couch color with covers to bring in a warm feeling since everything is soo light. Then finally added the curtains I’ve been eyeing for months on Urban Outfitters. Random array of pillows I covered with fabrics I died for! Just love them.

This is a pic of the couches before excuse the Christmas décor. Haha

Then this is the new covers and the CURTAINS!

The fabrics

Some of the pillows

And the big couch! The lighting is bad but you get the point.

The nook: Next to our patio we have a little random wall and nook that is now transformed or so I think it is. Both items I got at an estate sale Hannah and I went to one Sunday morning after work. The peoples loved us because we bought so much and listened to all the stories about each item. Both were gold as you can tell and I of course painted them.

Entry way: both pieces are from Goodwill. The mirror is the one I got back in Beaverton then the stand is one Hannah found here is Peoria. The owl vase I found at Marshalls in the Bourb while visiting Rachael and Sean. Then I just got an assortment of flowers/ feathers from Hobby Lobby I like how it turned out. Not sure if I’ll ever paint the mirror because I like the wood on both items a lot, especially together.

Then Hannah had pinned this on one of her pinterest walls and kept talking about needing something for one of her bedrooms walls. So I set out to find some cute paper I thought she’d like and let the Cricut do the work. Haha. Then put them on this tweed string and viola!!!

Then this picture is completely random but cracked me up. I was on my way to work one day and saw this Saab.. check out the license plate. Love it. Hahaha.