Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.

13 April 2012

Project Updates

Pantry project still in motion: We’re searching for wire baskets, cheap ones. Not 40 dollar ones. I’m about to make one for cheaper if one doesn’t turn up!!!

Living room redo: Changed our couch color with covers to bring in a warm feeling since everything is soo light. Then finally added the curtains I’ve been eyeing for months on Urban Outfitters. Random array of pillows I covered with fabrics I died for! Just love them.

This is a pic of the couches before excuse the Christmas décor. Haha

Then this is the new covers and the CURTAINS!

The fabrics

Some of the pillows

And the big couch! The lighting is bad but you get the point.

The nook: Next to our patio we have a little random wall and nook that is now transformed or so I think it is. Both items I got at an estate sale Hannah and I went to one Sunday morning after work. The peoples loved us because we bought so much and listened to all the stories about each item. Both were gold as you can tell and I of course painted them.

Entry way: both pieces are from Goodwill. The mirror is the one I got back in Beaverton then the stand is one Hannah found here is Peoria. The owl vase I found at Marshalls in the Bourb while visiting Rachael and Sean. Then I just got an assortment of flowers/ feathers from Hobby Lobby I like how it turned out. Not sure if I’ll ever paint the mirror because I like the wood on both items a lot, especially together.

Then Hannah had pinned this on one of her pinterest walls and kept talking about needing something for one of her bedrooms walls. So I set out to find some cute paper I thought she’d like and let the Cricut do the work. Haha. Then put them on this tweed string and viola!!!

Then this picture is completely random but cracked me up. I was on my way to work one day and saw this Saab.. check out the license plate. Love it. Hahaha.

27 March 2012

March Madness

It’s what? March what? I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by. Can we slow it down a bit?! I mean really I can’t catch my breath! As I “tried” to blog more and failed again, I did accomplish projects that were to be blogged about. Haha. March has been a good month so far and I’m sure the last few days will continue to be good too. The weather has been amazing. Hannah and I are always having our windows open to soak it up but due to working nights and sleeping during the day and the massive amounts of children in our complex (who tend to scream like the world is ending every time I lay down to sleep), I do have to shut the breeze out every now and then. Sense some bitterness as I speak of those little shenanigans? Yes, pure bitterness actually. The funny thing is the kids literally play right outside Hannah’s window and then the teenagers sit on the sidewalk directly under mine. Ugh. Summer will be a battle. Listening to them al chat is pretty hilarious at times. The things kids say makes me miss my Lani-bug! One day I woke up from a child screaming CHEESEBURGERRRRR!!!! Thank you dear child, thank you. Anyways on to better things I turned 24 this month. Nothing to special but my friends brought me to Chicago on a surprise trip. I was reading Hunger Games in the car and didn’t even realize we were in the city till we were pretty much under the Sears tower. We went shopping, to dinner, then to Howl at the Moon a piano bar we just love.

Here are some photos of my bday wknd You’ll notice a Hunger Games obsession.

At Howl at the Moon: they have buckets for yummy drinks. With the buckets you get these crazy straws. Fun times all around.

I should’ve bought one Peeta is my fav.

Our view from our hotel

Nina and I woke up and found a Starbucks which of course the blend out right now is Tribute coffee (only makes sense to someone who has read the hunger games) so we read for a bit before heading back to Peoria.

One of my projects was a new decor item for our front door because the pine cones were a bit out of season. Haha. This was before and afterbefore is just the wreath in our apt not on our front door

06 February 2012

Sew Simple

My project for the week: Fabric Covered Canvas

With a few days off and trying not to do too much as I continue to heal from surgery, I found a quick and simple project. From Pinterst. Ofcourse. A fabric covered canvas.

I just used scrap pieces of material I already had from previous projects.

I didn’t want the exact same style as the one shown so I switched up the pattern a bit for a more asymmetrical look.

Then add two flowers to it.

Super simple. Really quick. And if I can say so myself adorable.

Ah. Another finished project. Love. Now what to do next

04 February 2012

Project Makeup

One thing I have enjoyed through the years is makeup. Shocker Im sure. And up until now I have just used makeup bags and everything is just kinda thrown in there. Not really easy to find things all the time and gets kinda messy too. So I set out to find the perfect way to organize my items. Here are a few things that caught my eye and interested me a bit.

Laura Thoughts

So my decision was made. I was gonna make a magnetic makeup board. Perfect. Now where to find the perfect “board base”

Goodwill never fails me. Seven dollars for this beauty.

All I needed was a metal sheet. Paint and more paint. And BAM! Beauty! Haha.

One white spray paint can, sample size paint in a coral, then a thin meta sheet all from Home Depot for under fifteen dollars.

So there it is my new magnetic makeup board that is so convenient to use when I’m getting ready.

01 February 2012

l . o . v . e

Aw, February is here. And along with everyone else I’m sure when this month comes to mind you think of hearts and flowers, etc. But more importantly I think of my sis, Bre. Our Valentine baby in the family. With her bday right around the corner my momma and I set out on a shopping trip. A success it was. I introduced my momma to Hobby Lobby 2 hrs later and only about half way through the store we decided to check out. Haha. Also an introduction to Gordmans was in order. I just love both those stores. I saw some cute storage items that I may have to go back and purchase as a new project Han and I want to work on is our pantry!

Along with shopping we also went and got our nails done. Such a fun treat that I enjoy especially when they give a hand massage.

I have the cutest Valentine gift for Lani

Pink scrubs & and princess Veggie Tales. Adorable, right?

Last thing: Hannah showed me the cutest thing for the “love month” from ( Funny things kids say. You must read. They are hilarious. It made me miss my Lanna girl because she would say some things just like those kids!

.(click on it to enlarge).

31 January 2012

Some R&R

One day post-op and I’m doing good. No more gallbladder for this girl! Some shopping with my momma today to get me out of the house and some home cookin! Not bad, ay? I'm sore but not in a lot of pain, but my right shoulder KILLS. ugh. No fun. And the sore throat from being intubated is no gone (that was my worst fear going into this surgery: being intubated). I have just loved having some time with my momma and being able to catch up on things.

Tonight we will continue our never ending movie nights. I’d tell you Hannah, Momma, and I watched all three Lord of the Rings and I don’t think I will do it ever again. They are long and pretty intense. Haha. Other than being able to lounge around and visit I have been enjoying my flowers!!! I’ve gotten some beautifulll bouquets and they smell wonderful.

Some from my sis, JR, and Lani.

The Kirts

My amazing roomie, Han

My Grandpa Don, Aunt Renee, Aunt Laura, and Momma.

And the sweetest card ever from my LannaBug she did a Big F and a little f as she is mastering here alphabet. Precious.

I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family in my life! They have made this whole ordeal a lot smoother!

On a different note. Pinterest. My current obsession. It has the greatest ideas and gets my creative wheels turning. So I’ve decided that I need to start doing my projects/ cooking and baking. And it will help me blog more too. Since I do love blogging and it is just fun to sit and write every now and then. I am hoping to connect all my photos to my own pinterest board as well. We’ll see something to keep me moving and bust on my days off.

Off to watch Dear John now. =)