Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.

22 May 2011

Leisure Saturday Fun

Life in Beaverton, OR has been getting exciting these last few months now that our Farmer’s Market is here and let me just say it is just spectacular! There are tons of vendors with the most gorgeous flowers, fresh veggies, hot baked items, and just an array of foods waiting to be tasted this summer. Kristy, Sandy, and I made our way there for a few Saturday mornings
loved the atmosphere and got quite excited about it all. In particular one Saturday we didn’t stay as long as we would’ve liked but headed up North to Kalama, Washington. We spent the afternoon antiquing and thoroughly enjoying the leisure day. Our favorite antique store was called “The Country Gentlemen” and we spent quite a bit of time there actually. And you wouldn’t believe the sales this store was having!!! I’ve never been to an antique store with so much being cleared out. It was the best shop on the block with a cute little bakery just across of the way where we had a nice lunch. Here are a few pictures of my finds for the day...

This is a very unique Milk Glass cake stand. Still figuring out what exactly I will be doing with it but couldn’t pass up the buy.

These are just old books with the cutest covers that are now stacked under a lamp in the living room.

All my finds were 50 percent off and the cake stand was an additional 25%percent off. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

The weekend after that we spent in Canada with Sandy’s sister and family. Some antiquing had to take place ofcourse (I found an old version “Gone with the Wind” with the cutest blue cover)! It was a relaxing weekend overall and we had great weather.

On a different note I am still on the job hunt and trusting in God to open the right doors. I know there is a perfect job for me and I will continue doing my part in applying to everything possible! Sigh!

21 May 2011

Ready, Set, Blog!

Okay. I've been inspired to hop back on the blog-wagon and give it another go... "post-college." We'll see how it goes this time around and I'm thinking without all the nursing books things are looking a bit brighter to sticking to it. Fingers Crossed!

With that being said I'd like to explain "Memoirs of Maxine." On July 1, 1922 in Cleveland, Ohio a girl was born Maxine Adele. My Gammy (grandmother) was a passionate, loving, and strong-willed woman. She was the grandma who adored each moment spent with her family and was the talk of the town, or nursing home, as I remember it. Oh my, she demanded the attention of everyone in the room, without even saying a word, and yes, she received it. To me she was a delight to be around. She always complimented her two little granddaughters with just the perfect words to make us feel as if we were priceless gems. Gammy had a strong, rare beauty that I came to admire and adore. She was taken away too early and I would love to go back and have one last visit with her, painting her nails and talking about my latest school boy crush. I feel she left me with a bit of a "old soul" and the times that it surfaces, I think of her. It is with all these grand memories of my grandmother that led me to "Memoirs of Maxine", because she was a one of a kind woman that I miss so dearly.