Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.

27 March 2012

March Madness

It’s what? March what? I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by. Can we slow it down a bit?! I mean really I can’t catch my breath! As I “tried” to blog more and failed again, I did accomplish projects that were to be blogged about. Haha. March has been a good month so far and I’m sure the last few days will continue to be good too. The weather has been amazing. Hannah and I are always having our windows open to soak it up but due to working nights and sleeping during the day and the massive amounts of children in our complex (who tend to scream like the world is ending every time I lay down to sleep), I do have to shut the breeze out every now and then. Sense some bitterness as I speak of those little shenanigans? Yes, pure bitterness actually. The funny thing is the kids literally play right outside Hannah’s window and then the teenagers sit on the sidewalk directly under mine. Ugh. Summer will be a battle. Listening to them al chat is pretty hilarious at times. The things kids say makes me miss my Lani-bug! One day I woke up from a child screaming CHEESEBURGERRRRR!!!! Thank you dear child, thank you. Anyways on to better things I turned 24 this month. Nothing to special but my friends brought me to Chicago on a surprise trip. I was reading Hunger Games in the car and didn’t even realize we were in the city till we were pretty much under the Sears tower. We went shopping, to dinner, then to Howl at the Moon a piano bar we just love.

Here are some photos of my bday wknd You’ll notice a Hunger Games obsession.

At Howl at the Moon: they have buckets for yummy drinks. With the buckets you get these crazy straws. Fun times all around.

I should’ve bought one Peeta is my fav.

Our view from our hotel

Nina and I woke up and found a Starbucks which of course the blend out right now is Tribute coffee (only makes sense to someone who has read the hunger games) so we read for a bit before heading back to Peoria.

One of my projects was a new decor item for our front door because the pine cones were a bit out of season. Haha. This was before and afterbefore is just the wreath in our apt not on our front door