Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.

13 November 2011

Final Projects of Hiatus

When I was first out in Illinois on the job hunt I obviously had down time between interviews to do new projects. Within the first week or so Jenna, Kate, DC and I went to the Saturday Farmer’s Market and hit up some yard sales. Success! I got a dresser for 5 bucks and a “tv cabinet/dresser” for Jamie for 15 buckseach being refurnished. Also I got a cute milk glass vase for 2 bucks.

For Labor Day weekend we went camping at Shelbyville. Where we spent one day at the Cheese Festivalvery fun town with lots of antiques shops where I could look for hours and hours. At one of the shops I got this crate that I just can’t wait to put in my new apartment and then an old frame that I repainted. While camping Jenna and I made “Redneck Wine Glasses” a mason jar glued onto a candlestick holder. Haha.

Pictures: first is of the wine glasses drying, the next few are cute items we saw around the festivals we went to through Aug and Sept.

While there Summer went and Fall came ina time of year that clearly everyone loves, right? I do for sure! We’ve gone to the pumpkin patch, painted pumpkins, gone to a Reindeer Ranch where we saw a pumpkin shooter thing that was out-of-control, hay ride, and went through the 10-acre insane corn maze.

One of my favorite projects thus far has been inspired by the oh-so-amazing Pinterest! I’m addicted to the site and love all the creative ideas people think of. Here is the original photo that got my wheels turning

Then here is the breakdown of how I did the project. First, I had found these two frames from Goodwill for 3 bucks each and spray painted them white. I found burlap at one of the flea markets we went to2 for 3 bucks. Got rid of the glass and glued the burlap to the backing of the frames. Got magnetic clips and spray painted them too then glued them to the burlap. Real simple and easy, also cheap.

As my roomie and I put finishing touches throughout the apartment I will try to put up pictures but considering it took me forever for my last home it may be a while for this one too. But honestly Han’s rents and my rent helped with SO much when we were moving in that there was VERY little left to do.


I officially suck at blogging but I am realizing now that I’m getting into the swing of things I will have time to keep up to date on my days off! Woohoo! I’ve been in Peoria for a little under a month now but it already has felt like months. I’ve become acquainted to the area fairly quickly and adjusting to my new schedule which will actually be changing beginning of December. I’m currently working days for my orientation period and switch to nights which will be my regular shift.

Now for a quick recap on the rest of Mom’s and my road trip: Oct 16 we had a LONG day in the car but took several short breaks for necessities such as coffee and FIVE GUYS Burger haha. We ended up staying in the Quad Cities which made for a short drive to Peoria on Monday, Oct 17. Mom stayed still the 23rd and helped immensely with unpacking and decorating. Ah, it was so good to have that time with her and be able to not stress about getting the apartment ready during my first week at work (Started the 24th). It was so hard saying goodbye at the airport and of course I cried, what can I say I just adore my family and enjoying spending time with them.

In Mahomet, visiting the kirts. Mom finally got to go to Curtis Orchard with me a fall tradition for me.

Also while Mom was here we tried out some restaurants in the area my fav food: Mexican. Local place called Good Tequilas.
Saying by at PIA
Complete sidenote: I have a huge problem I spill my coffee EVERYDAY. I’m not kidding. It’s horrible. Here is just one example I spilled the whole cup on my white comforter yes, I know it looks like I peed the bed. I did not. I’m just clumsy and learning that white is not a good color for me. Ugh.

Happy Sunday Evening All!

15 October 2011

Road Trippin’

Big update since it has been TOO long since I blogged. I am moving back to Illinois to start my first job as an Acute Neuro RN at OSF St. Francis in Peoria. WOOHOO!!!! After months and months of applying and heartache the Lord opened the right door. Leaving Portland and my roomie, Kristy, was quite hard and emotional but I’m glad to say I survived! I ended being in Illinois for about 5-6wks and now driving out with my mom.

Day 1 Oct 13- Departed Suisun City approximately 9:15am after a rough time saying bye to my Bug, Alanna. She is growing up too fast and not knowing the next time I’ll be in California makes it even harder. But these goodbyes are nothing new since I’m going back to the place where the goodbyes began Illinois. 2,000 miles + plus 2 blondes= equals an interesting trip to say the least. My mom started the drive and I’m regretting that decision since she had the drive through the Sierra’s and the road was narrow, her eyes don’t help, and she had had a chai tea latte dangerous combo that left me on edge. We survived though and I coached her through it. Haha. We stopped in Reno, NV for lunch where we stumbled upon “Burger Me” a cute and delicious restaurant. It was on Drive-in’s, Diners, and Dives we split a Lamb burger and a Dirty burger (chicken) and sweet potatoes fries. The restroom had the prettiest wood bench and mirror and yes I took a picture.

We hopped back on the road and ended up in Wendover, UT for the night in which we almost ran out of gas and I freaked out the whole time. That was aBIG mistake as my dad has drilled into my brain ever since I started driving to ALWAYS gas up. But my mom and I were having a great time just chatting and seemed to miss all the stops until we hit a long stretch of absolutely nothing!! Oopsy! We made it though and figured out that we had 3 gallons of gas left. Didn’t share the news though as I’m sure it would stress my padre out even more than he already is knowing his wife and daughter are driving cross-country for the first time w/o him.

Coffee stops are a must and with mom everything has been hilarious

Day 2 Oct 14- Short drive day as we only drove 110miles to Sandy, UT to stay the day/ night with mom’s childhood friend, Cassie. So we had the morning to sleep in and then went for a walk down the strip in Wendover (which is half Nevada and half Utah). Once we went back to the hotel and got ready we packed up and searched for coffee. Starbucks was in site and in the casino on the Nevada side quite busy too for a morning.

We had such a great time with The Hill family and enjoyed catching up with each of them. Cassie is a coach for her youngest son, Sawyer, soccer team. So we tagged along and watched first off the view is to die for, absolutely stunning and second the games were fun to watch as some get pretty intense in the game. Sawyer scored a few and was a great player in which we cheered for him and probably made a scene.

I completely forgot to take pictures of all of us together and beating myself up about it! All in all it was a nice stop and restful night to hit a long car day for Saturday.

Day 3 Oct 15- Said goodbye to our friends and hit the road! Lots of driving and a few stops here and there to break it up. We are currently stopped for the night in Ogallala, Nebraska. Definitely hit “country” land today especially in Cheyenne! Country music playing at every gas station and cowboy boots everywhere you look.

26 August 2011

Heat & Humidity

Welcome to the Midwest! Where temperatures are ridiculously out of control compared to the good ole Pacific Northwest! I flew out to Chicago on Tuesday morning (left the house at 3:30 AM) to venture out and see if this state would like me to be a nurse for them. I have interviews in different areas of the state. And waiting on the Lord to show me where I am supposed to be. It may not be here in Illinois but at least I’m getting interview practice!!!

I am enjoying this trip due to being able to stay with my second family The Kirts. Jenna and I are currently at the Mahomet coffee shop called The DailyGrind. We will be going to the Farmers Market in the morning then the Sweet Corn Festival tomorrow nite! Some of my college friends will be driving down to join us and I am so thrilled to be seeing them since it has been nearly 9 months! It will make the rest of the night a lot better since the band that will be playing at the festival is called the “Feudin Hillbillys,” I mean really???? I just may need earplugs in please say a prayer for me. Haha.

Here’s my other sisters.

Ry, Kel, Jen, and I

Doin what the country people do

Trina!!! Nine-AH!!! Niners!!! Ninzy!!!

Rach aka Pretty lady!

Kel-Belle! BUDDY!!!!!

I hope I survive the weekend and kick booty on my next interviews over the following week!

20 July 2011

My Home

As promised, here is finally some pictures of my home (apartment. Haha) in Beaverton, OR.

Here is our entryway.

My bedroom notice a color theme?!? Clearly I have been drawn to the blue/greens!! Love.

My bathroom

All in which was inspired by this little Goodwill Piece which was one dollar. (the color is a bit off in photos but it is an orangish/red/deep coral).

Laundry room: loveeeee having this space and not having to walk down to the basement to do laundry, thank you Olivet. Not to mention all the shelving for storage: life saver. Favorite new product that is on the shelf: RugDoctor He works miracles before my eyes and I could swear by this stuff!

Living room. FYI: all curtains in the BrittKris Home were purchased at Worldmarket. Yet again another LOVE.

Our patio: has a good size storage space (can you tell I just LOVEEE all our storage?!?!), a beautiful view on the park/ courtyard, and Bentley my baby plant!

Dining Room: moment of silence in mourning of the table we lost with our dear roommate Sandra Lee Oregon misses you and is quite jealous that California got you and the table. Okay now, our redone room with all new items (or at least new to us). I love how the quote, frames, and plates ended up all coming together so nicely.

Kitchen: pretty much all the “mustard” items were mine and green were Kristy’s. I love the way it all ended up blending together.

Our built-in shelf unit that needs some TLC. An ongoing project we’d rather not think about.

This is the “hallway” from dining room into Kris’ room straight ahead and the guest room on the left.

Guest/ Craft/ Office room: this is our saving grace. We don’t know what we would do without the 3rd room. So pack a bag and come stay with us for the weekend! The closet in this room is the biggest in the apt and is our “dress” closet. Also the closet has become newest home for my nursing books BLAH!

Missing pictures: our panty, hall closet, Kristy’s beautifully put together room, Bosco: my other plant out our front door!
I’m enjoying living in a new area (not so new anymore) and definitely blessed that the Lord provided such a great home for us here!