Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.

31 January 2012

Some R&R

One day post-op and I’m doing good. No more gallbladder for this girl! Some shopping with my momma today to get me out of the house and some home cookin! Not bad, ay? I'm sore but not in a lot of pain, but my right shoulder KILLS. ugh. No fun. And the sore throat from being intubated is no gone (that was my worst fear going into this surgery: being intubated). I have just loved having some time with my momma and being able to catch up on things.

Tonight we will continue our never ending movie nights. I’d tell you Hannah, Momma, and I watched all three Lord of the Rings and I don’t think I will do it ever again. They are long and pretty intense. Haha. Other than being able to lounge around and visit I have been enjoying my flowers!!! I’ve gotten some beautifulll bouquets and they smell wonderful.

Some from my sis, JR, and Lani.

The Kirts

My amazing roomie, Han

My Grandpa Don, Aunt Renee, Aunt Laura, and Momma.

And the sweetest card ever from my LannaBug she did a Big F and a little f as she is mastering here alphabet. Precious.

I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family in my life! They have made this whole ordeal a lot smoother!

On a different note. Pinterest. My current obsession. It has the greatest ideas and gets my creative wheels turning. So I’ve decided that I need to start doing my projects/ cooking and baking. And it will help me blog more too. Since I do love blogging and it is just fun to sit and write every now and then. I am hoping to connect all my photos to my own pinterest board as well. We’ll see something to keep me moving and bust on my days off.

Off to watch Dear John now. =)