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04 February 2012

Project Makeup

One thing I have enjoyed through the years is makeup. Shocker Im sure. And up until now I have just used makeup bags and everything is just kinda thrown in there. Not really easy to find things all the time and gets kinda messy too. So I set out to find the perfect way to organize my items. Here are a few things that caught my eye and interested me a bit.

Laura Thoughts

So my decision was made. I was gonna make a magnetic makeup board. Perfect. Now where to find the perfect “board base”

Goodwill never fails me. Seven dollars for this beauty.

All I needed was a metal sheet. Paint and more paint. And BAM! Beauty! Haha.

One white spray paint can, sample size paint in a coral, then a thin meta sheet all from Home Depot for under fifteen dollars.

So there it is my new magnetic makeup board that is so convenient to use when I’m getting ready.

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