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13 November 2011

Final Projects of Hiatus

When I was first out in Illinois on the job hunt I obviously had down time between interviews to do new projects. Within the first week or so Jenna, Kate, DC and I went to the Saturday Farmer’s Market and hit up some yard sales. Success! I got a dresser for 5 bucks and a “tv cabinet/dresser” for Jamie for 15 buckseach being refurnished. Also I got a cute milk glass vase for 2 bucks.

For Labor Day weekend we went camping at Shelbyville. Where we spent one day at the Cheese Festivalvery fun town with lots of antiques shops where I could look for hours and hours. At one of the shops I got this crate that I just can’t wait to put in my new apartment and then an old frame that I repainted. While camping Jenna and I made “Redneck Wine Glasses” a mason jar glued onto a candlestick holder. Haha.

Pictures: first is of the wine glasses drying, the next few are cute items we saw around the festivals we went to through Aug and Sept.

While there Summer went and Fall came ina time of year that clearly everyone loves, right? I do for sure! We’ve gone to the pumpkin patch, painted pumpkins, gone to a Reindeer Ranch where we saw a pumpkin shooter thing that was out-of-control, hay ride, and went through the 10-acre insane corn maze.

One of my favorite projects thus far has been inspired by the oh-so-amazing Pinterest! I’m addicted to the site and love all the creative ideas people think of. Here is the original photo that got my wheels turning

Then here is the breakdown of how I did the project. First, I had found these two frames from Goodwill for 3 bucks each and spray painted them white. I found burlap at one of the flea markets we went to2 for 3 bucks. Got rid of the glass and glued the burlap to the backing of the frames. Got magnetic clips and spray painted them too then glued them to the burlap. Real simple and easy, also cheap.

As my roomie and I put finishing touches throughout the apartment I will try to put up pictures but considering it took me forever for my last home it may be a while for this one too. But honestly Han’s rents and my rent helped with SO much when we were moving in that there was VERY little left to do.

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