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13 November 2011


I officially suck at blogging but I am realizing now that I’m getting into the swing of things I will have time to keep up to date on my days off! Woohoo! I’ve been in Peoria for a little under a month now but it already has felt like months. I’ve become acquainted to the area fairly quickly and adjusting to my new schedule which will actually be changing beginning of December. I’m currently working days for my orientation period and switch to nights which will be my regular shift.

Now for a quick recap on the rest of Mom’s and my road trip: Oct 16 we had a LONG day in the car but took several short breaks for necessities such as coffee and FIVE GUYS Burger haha. We ended up staying in the Quad Cities which made for a short drive to Peoria on Monday, Oct 17. Mom stayed still the 23rd and helped immensely with unpacking and decorating. Ah, it was so good to have that time with her and be able to not stress about getting the apartment ready during my first week at work (Started the 24th). It was so hard saying goodbye at the airport and of course I cried, what can I say I just adore my family and enjoying spending time with them.

In Mahomet, visiting the kirts. Mom finally got to go to Curtis Orchard with me a fall tradition for me.

Also while Mom was here we tried out some restaurants in the area my fav food: Mexican. Local place called Good Tequilas.
Saying by at PIA
Complete sidenote: I have a huge problem I spill my coffee EVERYDAY. I’m not kidding. It’s horrible. Here is just one example I spilled the whole cup on my white comforter yes, I know it looks like I peed the bed. I did not. I’m just clumsy and learning that white is not a good color for me. Ugh.

Happy Sunday Evening All!

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