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20 July 2011

My Home

As promised, here is finally some pictures of my home (apartment. Haha) in Beaverton, OR.

Here is our entryway.

My bedroom notice a color theme?!? Clearly I have been drawn to the blue/greens!! Love.

My bathroom

All in which was inspired by this little Goodwill Piece which was one dollar. (the color is a bit off in photos but it is an orangish/red/deep coral).

Laundry room: loveeeee having this space and not having to walk down to the basement to do laundry, thank you Olivet. Not to mention all the shelving for storage: life saver. Favorite new product that is on the shelf: RugDoctor He works miracles before my eyes and I could swear by this stuff!

Living room. FYI: all curtains in the BrittKris Home were purchased at Worldmarket. Yet again another LOVE.

Our patio: has a good size storage space (can you tell I just LOVEEE all our storage?!?!), a beautiful view on the park/ courtyard, and Bentley my baby plant!

Dining Room: moment of silence in mourning of the table we lost with our dear roommate Sandra Lee Oregon misses you and is quite jealous that California got you and the table. Okay now, our redone room with all new items (or at least new to us). I love how the quote, frames, and plates ended up all coming together so nicely.

Kitchen: pretty much all the “mustard” items were mine and green were Kristy’s. I love the way it all ended up blending together.

Our built-in shelf unit that needs some TLC. An ongoing project we’d rather not think about.

This is the “hallway” from dining room into Kris’ room straight ahead and the guest room on the left.

Guest/ Craft/ Office room: this is our saving grace. We don’t know what we would do without the 3rd room. So pack a bag and come stay with us for the weekend! The closet in this room is the biggest in the apt and is our “dress” closet. Also the closet has become newest home for my nursing books BLAH!

Missing pictures: our panty, hall closet, Kristy’s beautifully put together room, Bosco: my other plant out our front door!
I’m enjoying living in a new area (not so new anymore) and definitely blessed that the Lord provided such a great home for us here!

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