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15 July 2011

All Business, No Play

I truly enjoyed my day today. All business over here no play! And by business I mean stumbling upon this years greatest sale, getting some Vitamin D treatment (w/ sunscreen of course), and tackling two projects. Business, right?!?

First here Is a picture of the MOON last nite! It was absolutely gorgeous and bright. This picture does it NO justice. I would love a nice camera someday to capture those moments! Ah, to dream.

Second, the complete overview on this sale. I went out in need of some felt for a project idea. I decided to go to Hillsboro’s Michaels and not Beaverton’s. SO as I was going I pass a Craft Warehouse and decide to check it out. Turns out the store is closing so EVERYTHING was on sale. GLORIOUS! 70 to 80 percent off that is. So of course there happens to be Princess Parking (a spot right in the front) and I hop out! It was hectic and people were everywhere so I took a deep breath and grabbed a basket. They had a deal going on where you could fill a bag for 10 dollars. I was sold right there due to already finding some items that tugged at my shoppers heart.

All of this 46 items in all was originally 151...88 and I got it for only TEN! Amazing, right? I know. I got glass beads, 10 ribbons, 8 different harvest things, 3 sets of little cards, Lots of PINECONES for winter season, chalk board, and a few frames!

Okay now for my little felt project! I saw a tutorial of a felt rose and thought it’d be fun to do!

1) Buy some felt from a craft store (29cents each at micheals), get scrissors, needle and thread, and headband, clip, or pin.

2) Cut felt in long strips by making the “petals” each petal can be a different height and width.

3) Roll felt up sewing along the way to secure the pieces firmly. This is what it will look like at the end.

4) Then cut out some leaves if you want. Here are examples of some of the colors I chose.

5) Here is one of the end products: a headband with 2 different purple flowers! Now I’m excited for my new, cheap, and hair pieces!

And now I am off to finish painting the rest of my Goodwill end table for the guest room! Enjoy this beautiful Friday night!

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