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14 July 2011


Really, it’s already mid-July?!? Where is summer going? At least I’m able to tackle some projects and such. This past week I went to town with quilting and made a dear friend a quilt (will post more on it later). Then I started another sewing project: a purse/ shoulder bag. Hopefully it turns out decent enough to be used. Haha. We have a Goodwill Outlet Store near us, which let me tell you is an experience. You really have to have an eye out for the right things Apparently they are known for the furniture. I went in looking for an end table for the lamp next to our guest bed and a chair for my desk. I left with the bargain of all bargains in my opinion: a 2-drawer mini-dresser thingy for only three dollars, a broken end table for one dollar in which I am still fixing up, and a huge mirror that we don’t have room for but it was only five dollars so I had to purchase it. Kristy though says that the top of the mirror looks like the armoire from Beauty and the Beast!!! I disagree completely. Pictures: the first two are of my "Beauty and the Beast" find, then my THREE dollar find before and after, then my receipt and I w/ a bit of excitement displayed on this girls face!!!

Also this week was our first “Sew cool” class (we missed lasts weeks) at church. It was like I had never touched a sewing machine in my life along with having ridiculous laughing spells. All in all it went well and we met some other church ladies and a cute way to make little dresses! Again pictures of the orphan dresses will come later once I complete it! Haha. Hopefully whoever gets my lovely dress will be happy to get it because it may be deformed a bit.

I have been organizing all my craft items continuously and rearranging this and that. I promise to be posting apartment pictures soon! I know I’ve been saying it for a while but this time it will be happening because all is pretty complete in the “BrittKris” Home (we often refer to our apartment as that). Last week I was indulging in some delicious salads made with my fresh lettuce. Yum! I’m hoping to get some more this Saturday!

Pictures: farmers market cherries (sooo good!), then my lettuce... haha, and one of my salads from the week!

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