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03 July 2011

Sweet Summertime

I'm currently enjoying a glass of wine on the porch as I reflect on the past week =) and all the wonderful weather we've had here in Beaverton. It's so nice in fact that last Saturday, June 25, Kristy and I spent the day hiking at Silver falls. It was amazing!! We walked a bit over 8 miles and saw the most beautiful waterfalls (something I absolutely love!!!). We ended the evening by going to a coffee house in town called Ava Roasteria, where they have live music on the weekends. They are opened 24/7 which seems extreme but every time I am there they are packed with business. We have become very fond of Ava. Photos: first is one of the falls, second is of us on our hike.

During the week we tackled our “guest/office/craft” room which is now being used daily and such a life-saver of a room. Hopefully this next week we will both be getting our sewing machines out and start working on projects. Which actually on each Tuesday in July we will be sewing little dresses for Orphans in a “Sew Cool” class through our women’s ministry at church.

This past Friday we went to the coast and enjoyed the day at Cannon Beach & Manzanita. It was quite busy due to the holiday weekend but still enjoyable. Cannon beach is a fun little town with the cutest shops! I bought a light-teal pear candle at a shop called Sesame and Lilies, in which we found everything in the store adorable of course. Next two photos: a pretty flower along the shops in Cannon Beach in which I have called a Floppy Poppy. haha. Then the next is Kris and I enjoying the beach, wind-blown and everything.

We wrapped up our time at Cannon Beach by having a late lunch at Mo’s, a restaurant right on the water overlooking the beach and Haystack Rock. I had a clam chowder bowl and Kris had fish & chips.. both obvious necessities for a beach visit.From there we drove to Manzanita and walked the main street visiting shops and stopping at the beach again there. Yet again there was a cute store that had me ooh-ing and ahh-ing. I bought a fun wrapping paper piece which I would like to frame for a wall decor, a funky flower pin, and a retro ice pack that totally brought back memories of my childhood as we had one growing up.

Then Yesterday (Saturday), we went to Goodwill and found some amazing finds as always. I found an old lamp that was twelve dollars but had a green tag which happened to be the tag this week meaning my lamp was only six dollars and is now re-done and living peacefully in my room. Clearly, I was overjoyed by this simple thing and had to share. Moving on now... We also went by our Farmer’s Market and got some fresh produce and had lunch. Kris made a delicious taco salad for dindin with some of the lettuce we got. Nothing like a super fresh salad on a warm summer night. I am just loving our location and feel that there is always something new to do I am not going to be getting bored in such a fabulous place.

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July 1st was My Gammy’s birthday and so she has been on my heart a lot these past few days. Missing you Gammy and all the love you gave freely to your two little beauties. I would love to be giving you a pedicure right now or picking you up a hotdog w/ just tomatoes and ketchup ;) Love you.

(Pictures: March 1989/ December 2002)

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